Of late, bodybuilding has caught youth’s fancy in an unprecedented manner. Whether boy or girl,everyone can be seen pumping iron and sweating it out relentlessly in various gyms running across the city. It has become a phenomenon, of sorts. However it was no longer the case back in 80’s when ‘Jitendra Kushwah’, a national bodybuilding champion started out to pursue his passion. Kushwah, the bodybuilding maestro is credited with infusing fervor and zeal amongst city’s youth to stay fit through bodybuilding. He shared his hardships, accolades and much more about his passion with us in candid and forthcoming manner.

Taking us down the memory lane Kushwah revealed about the germination of his dream. He said “You see!! In bygone days, we had a culture of joint families. We used to live together every moment. In our family, my uncle used to be a renowned wrestler, then. As you can expect he would do a lot of hardcore exercises. As a child I would imitate him and imagine myself as a wrestler. Years went on like this and one fine day I felt a strong sense of belongingness towards this profession and decided to pursue it as a career.”

Sharing many turning points of his life which catapult him into overnight success Kushwah said nostalgically “ Back in 1987, when I did not even know what bodybuilding was, through a newspaper I learnt about one month’s free training programme of bodybuilding to be held at Indore’s Gujrati college. For some reasons I found myself fixated by the advertisement.  Later on, I followed my instinct and underwent the scheduled training programme. On the concluding day, they organized a little competition where we all had sport our sculpted bodies in various postures. My happiness knew no bound as I secured a 3rd place in the competition. Later on, playing for Vikram university, I won gold medal and silver medal in a state bodybuilding championship held at Guntur and Haridwar. In Kanpur, i won bronze medal in under-21 competition.

He continued sharing his winning streak and further said “I have been bestowed with Mr. MP title for a record 15 times in state bodybuilding championship and won 2 times Mr. Western India title. The most cherished among all this was “Free for all” body building competition held at national level where I secured 10th position. I reckon, that day is one of the greatest milestones I have ever achieved.”

Highlighting the importance of maintaining a good diet Kushwah Said “ Any bodybuilding enthusiast who wish to make this profession as a career, must not forget to maintain a well-balanced diet. A diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals can assure one a good body apart from work out. Often people eat non-veg to fatten themselves but I do not favour this as with vegetarian food also one can fulfill the requirements of the body. These are bodily requisites but mentally you have to very strong and resolute in your approach.”

Crediting his success he elaborated “I owe a big time to my family members who helped me financially until I stood on my feet. I have a huge sense of gratitude towards Ujjain bodybuilding association president Prem Yadav and Secretary Shailendra Vyas who provided me myriad platforms to reach to such heights.”

Giving a message to young and budding bodybuilders he exhorted “ 30 years back when we had no knowledge, guidance and know-how of bodybuilding we fought our way through trouble times and achieved success. However today’s youth enjoys many facilities but still they keep complaining. They must get rid of their complaining nature as it prevents them from moving forward. In the end I would say, If you have burning desire to achieve something it will manifest no matter what amount of sufferings inflicted upon you.”