Many a man perishes when life springs unpleasant and cruel surprises. A few,however, dare to take bull by the horns while others succumb to its savagery. These challenges become more daunting when it is to do with one’s own physical well-being.

But Garvita Jain, defying all odds has set a shining example of how to fight off obstacles and hurdles, cris-crossing one’s path. She seems quite poised and composed until one discovers that she suffers from a disease called ‘Cerebral Palsy’. It is a term used to describe a set of neurological conditions that affect bodily movements. It most common form of childhood disability with varying degree of severity.

Despite life having cracked a crippling joke on her, this young and dynamic girl continues to excel and inspire many around her. Last week, I had the privilege to meet her in-person and discover the treasure of sheer courage and tenacity.

Opening up about her of struggle she said “Due to this disease, I would find even the smallest of chores difficult to pursue and feeling of not being able to things on my own, left me devastated. I sunk into depression and would often shut myself into my room. However, my parents gave me strength and much needed support. They noticed that I had strong inclination towards music especially singing. I kept practicing it until I become professional. Now, I feel proud as I have done numerous shows with the likes of Ravindra Kumar Jain, Bappi lahari and others”.

She further added “Though music and singing brought me recognition however, given my woes, I wanted to leave a mark by doing something extra-ordinary. In doing so I started preparing for banking examinations. I studied hard and gave my best to clear the examination for 3 years however as the luck would have it, I couldn’t go over the line. I didn’t give up there and studied ever harder only to be rejected in interview. In the end, my hard work bore fruit and got through interview and finally placed in UCO bank.”

Shading light on her life Garvita said “To me, almighty always balances out everything in nature. It is just that we end up being self-centered in our perception. People categories us as disabled or as physically challenged regardless of our other abilities and capabilities. However, they forget to note that every human being is special as certain disabilities always make up for few abilities.”

Continuing further She said “Most of us do not have a sense of gratitude towards what we have and hanker after not having desired things in life. We never count our blessings but don’t lose sight of our troubles. We memorize them so much so that we even forget that god has blessed us with ‘Life’ which is the most beautiful and much coveted gift one can have. My life is borne out of same phenomena. I could have sulked for years and lived unhappily blaming it on the ultimate creator for hurting me or accept it happily, feel merry and do something meaningful.

Sharing her passion she explained “Music and singing is one thing that I cherish a lot. It soothes and relaxes my mind. Once my father’s friend Keshav Rai who organises ‘Malva Rang Manch’came to our home and heard me doing Riaaz. He was delighted to hear my voice and asked if I could perform there. In the hindsight, I think that my passion has not only given me a new lease of life but it also gave me an opportunity to share platforms with many bollywood bigies and celebrities.”

Praising her parents Garvita said “My father and mother are real support behind my success and resilience. They have always stood by me no matter what the conditions were. I drew courage and inspiration from them to excel in my life.”