Marvel Spoken English Ujjain ‘Marvel Spoken English’ takes pride as being the premier and well-recognized institute of English learning of central India.

To begin with, let’s understand what does word ‘Marvel’ signifies? Well, Marvel means anything which causes a sense of astonishment or brings about an element of admiration, leaving people wonderstruck.

‘Marvel’ truly lives up to it as it has assumed astronomical proportions as far as English learning in Ujjain is concerned.

Marvel has pioneered the way English language is being taught in and around Ujjain city. Never before did ‘Ujjainites’ experienced such high-quality and world-class education at their disposal.

English being the global language warrants sound and fluent English speakers who can be adjudged at par with native English speakers. Marvel feels proud to have fulfilled and catered to that demand.

Marvel is no longer a ‘Jewel’ but a most sought-after and coveted ‘crown’ among veteran and novice English speakers alike. Beginners and advanced English learners find it so tempting that they can’t afford to give it a miss.

Here, students, working professionals and housewives come in hoards to refine and polish their English speaking skills. It has set new precedents, of sorts and raised the bar for others to follow.

Our core foundation lies in our seasoned experts’ unrivalled and vast knowledge base of English language.

A team, blend of youngsters and teens is what distinguishes us from the rest. We boast of faculties who happen to be writers, authors and columnists in various esteemed tabloids across India.

Tens of hundreds of students across different spectrums and subjects streams are being enlightened and educated every day and numbers are mounting with each passing day.