“Vocabularies of the day”

1. Forge (V): To put a lot of effort into making something successful or strong so that it will last.

Syn: Build up, Put together, Set up, Establish
Ant: Demolish, Tear down

Ex: 1. We are forging a new world.
2. US forced a world order in which she leads the world.

2. Hinterland (N): The remote areas of a country away from the coast or the banks of major rivers.

Syn: Backwoods, Boondocks, The wilds
Ant: Metropolis, Civilization, Heartland

Ex: 1. Thousands of people still live in the hinterland.
2. After a fierce storm, many had to leave the hinterland where they lived.

3. Resilience (N): The ability of people or things to recover quickly after something unpleasant, such as shock, injury, etc.

Syn: Toughness, Strength, Firmness, Determination
Ant: Weakness, Feebleness, Frailty

Ex: 1. After Dhoni’s wicket, team India fought with firm resilience and won.
2. India is showing good signs of resilience in the many economic sectors.

4. Pervade (V): To spread through and be easy to notice in every part of something.

Syn: Permeate, Spread through, Diffuse
Ant: Deplete, Take out

Excellent: 1. Foul smell suddenly pervaded in the entire classroom.
2. Covid-19 had pervaded in large parts of slum areas.

5. Coinage (N): The invention of a new word or phrase.

Syn: Innovation, Origination, Contrivance
Ant: Replication, Old hat

Ex: 1. You must have found “Brexit” word in newspaper many times, which is a coinage.
2. I am writing about coinage of the term “By-polls”.

6. Tread (V): Walk in a specified way.
Syn: Walk, Step, Stride

Ex: 1. He is treading on the rope very carefully.
2. In the aftermath of floods, Govt. is treading cautiously.

7. Cult (N): A person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

Syn: Craze, Fashion, Fad, Vogue
Ant: Outdated, Obsolete

Ex: 1. That show a cult and people started following it rapidly.
2. Rigged jeans became a cult in the early 20’..

8. Hapless (Adj): Unfortunate (especially of a person).

Syn: Unfortunate, Cursed, Luckless, Doomed
Ant: Fortunate, Blessed, Propitious
Ex: 1. I was hapless.
2. We are all hapless now, bus has left 30 minutes earlier.

9. Colossal (Adj): Extremely large or great.

Syn: Huge, Massive, Giant, Mammoth
Ant: Tiny, Small, Minute, Little, Diminutive

Ex: 1. She earned colossal amount of money from her novels.
2. The building was really colossal.

10. Competence (N): The ability to do something well.

Syn: Capability, Proficiency, Ability, Skill
Ant: Uselessness, Inability, Incompetence, Incapability

Ex: 1. His competence got him 3 promotions in a row.
2.He was lacking in competence.