Akshay Ameriya

Visual art has always been the most sought after profession among new generation besides being a creative medium. However, of late it has caught the fancy of youngsters a big time.

It has brought laurels and overwhelming success to many individuals. Of them, one is Akshay Ameriya, a renowned and veteran visual artist who has been painting, sketching, designing and capturing the aesthetics and splendor of nature in all its glory since 1980.

Having so many accolades under his belt, this internationally-acclaimed artist continues to articulate and manifest nature’s the subtlest nuances profoundly with sheer delight to his admirers.

I interacted with this craftsman and genius to explore more about his artistic knowledge and creative intelligence.

Reminiscing the childhood and sharing the origins of his interest Ameriya said “I was like any other next-door-kid in my childhood.

  I believe during that period, every kid is generally an artist as he draws and paints pictures as a part of his schooling and takes part in various competitions as he grows up. So I was not different. However, as I grew I kept on making sketches and painting and this continued for a while.

Soon I realized that this is what I wanted to pursue in my life. Having realized this, I had to take a call as to how I would move professionally in this field but to be honest, I was barely making headway.”

He said further “Having no solution in sight, I moved to Indore and I enrolled myself in B.S.c (Bachelor of Science) course in a local college, wanting and hoping to change things around. There I used to go many exhibitions and extol their virtues.

One fine day I went to visit such an event. There, I had the privilege to speak to a senior artist. He examined my work and suggested me to pursue B.F.A (Bachelor of fine arts) from Vadodara.

I followed his advice and appeared in the college sponsored test to secure a place. To my amazement I came out with flying colours and that actually paved the way for me to become a professional artist.

Remembering the association and myriad collaboration with countries’ major print media vis-à-vis his work he said “Having won numerous acclaim and recognition, I was relishing my success. One day I accompanied my close companion and dear friend in a Hindi newspaper office in Indore.

Luckily, I was carrying my sketch books with me. My friend arranged a brief meeting with him where I got the opportunity to showcase my creative work to him. He was quite impressed and lavished heaps of praise. Later he asked if he can use it for their paper professionally.

They wished to use it in the literary sense i.e. for poetry and I immediately nodded in agreement and that’s how it all started. Afterwards country’s the biggest and the best dailies and magazines started carrying my creation almost every day.”

Strongly advocating the need to work continually and tirelessly he said “It is said that if a visual artist has a calm and peaceful frame of mind then only he works creatively and optimally well. I wish to break this monotony and be creative irrespective of different psyche and tempers”.

Recounting the olden days and appreciating the advent of new technology he said “Earlier, we had only hues, brushes and our pure imagination. Now-a-days, the young artists have mobile phones and internet to take inspiration from. It is a boon for them. However, it could be very detrimental as it may endanger their originality and someone else’s creativity may influence and override their brain.

Lamenting the lack of visual literacy and taste among masses about the art forms he said “Though art is, by and large a well-appreciated profession and rewarding, too if pursued solemnly. However, people at large, lack in understanding and fail to go in depth of the subject.

At times they don’t seem to understand that how much hard work, observation, creativity and thoughtfulness have gone into a particular piece of painting. But instead of appreciating and lauding they just resort to criticism and sometimes write it off brazenly. Such attitude must go.”

Exhorting parents not to meddle in their wards’ affairs when it comes to creativity Ameriya said “A lot of parents believe in guiding and mentoring the children which they must exercise as it is their prerogative.

However, they fail to notice that in the name guiding them they are pressurising and playing havoc with their innocence and creativity. This is a dangerous precedent. Parents must not choose a child’s interest or impose their wishes upon them rather they should allow them to discover it for themselves.

Let them not be influenced by your choices. Please provide them resources & time so that buds of innovativeness and creativity can mushroom.