“Vocabularies of the day”

1. Lament (N): A passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

Syn: Wail, Groan, Bemoaning
Ant: Rejoice, Joy, Delight

Ex: 1. I was touched by his lament.
2. There was no sign of lament in her speech.

2. Nudge (V): Coax or gently encourage(someone) to do something.

Syn: Prompt, Encourage, Coax, Stimulate
Ant: Discourage, Hold back, Restrain, Repress

Ex: 1. People were nudged in wrong direction after the riots.
2. Never ever try to nudge anyone for your own profit.

3. Fanatical (Adj): Filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.

Syn: Extremist, Zealous, Bigoted
Ant: Indifferent, Unenthusiastic, Impartial

Ex: 1. He was fanatical about his views.
2. She was very fanatical initially.

4. Untrammeled (Adj): Not limited by something.

Syn: Uncontrolled, Unchecked, Unimpeded
Ant: Checked, Tied-up, Suppressed

Ex: 1. Nobody should have untrammeled freedom of expression.
2. He had untrammeled source of information on one click.

5. Masquerade (V): To pretend to be something that you are not.

Syn: Disguise as, Impersonate, Pose as, Simulate

Ex: 1. He was masquerading as he didn’t know anything at all.
2. She always masquerades as boss.

6. Muzzle (V): Prevent (a person or group) from expressing their opinion freely.

Syn: Gag, Suppress, Restrain, Stifle
Ant: Free, Allow, Encourage, Permit

Ex: 1. Opposition leaders accuse govt. of muzzling their voices.
2. She was muzzled and put in jail for writing against Govt.

7. Vantage (N): A place or position affording a good view of something.

Syn: Viewpoint, Standpoint, Outlook, Perspective
Ex: 1. I can see everything clearly from my vantage point.
2. Finance Minister anticipated green shoots in economy from her vantage point.

8. Straightjacket (N): Used in reference to something that restricts freedom of action, development, or expression.

Syn: Restriction, Restraint, Constraint
Ant: Freedom, Liberation, Expansion

Ex: 1. Widespread criticism compelled govt to work in a straightjacket.
2. There is no such thing like straightjacket, PM affirmed.

9. Emancipation (N): The fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions.

Syn: Liberation, Release, Freeing
Ant: Enslavement, Bondage, Captivity

Ex: 1. Spirituality is for the emancipation of all human beings.
2. Even in democratic nations, People fight for emancipation.

10. Immanent (N): Exiting or operating within.

Syn: Inherent, Intrinsic, Inborn
Ant: Acquired, Learned, Extrinsic

Ex: 1. Demands are still not immanent.
2. There was no immanent proposal for new system.