“Vocabularies of the day”

Demarkate: to establish or mark the limits of something.

Syn: Mark, Differentiate, Divide, Delimit
Ant: Join, Attach, Link, Connect

Ex: 1. Some areas on the borders are not clearly demarcated.
2. Plots of the land have been demarcated by barbed wire.

2. Deliberate (Adj): Careful and unhurried

Syn: Cautious, Meticulous, Heedful
Ant: Careless, Incautious, Reckless

Ex: 1. It was their deliberate attempt to malign my image.
2. She took this decision after holding deliberate discussions with his friends.

3. Endeavour (N): An attempt to do something especially something new or difficult.

Syn: Attempt, Try, Essay, Effort, Venture
Ant: Passivity, Inactivity, Idleness

Ex: 1. It should be the endeavour of every human being that no other human being goes without food.
2. Please make every endeavour to arrive on time.

4. Dwindling (Adj): Gradually diminishing in size, amount or strength.

Syn: Decreasing, Diminishing, Lessening
Ant: Burgeoning, Budding, Flourishing

Ex: 1. The number of tigers around the world are dwindling fast.
2. Politician’s dwindling support has made him lose the election.

5. Naive (Adj): Of a person or an action showing a lack of experience, wisdom and judgment.

Syn: Inexperienced, Unskilled, Incapable, Unseasoned
Ant: Skilled, Adept, Proficient

Ex: 1. I can’t believe that she is that naïve.
2. We don’t hire naives rather we want someone who is experienced.

6. Ceasefire (N): A time when enemies agree to stop fighting.

Syn: Truce, Armistice, Peace
Ant: War, Disagreement, Fight, Conflict

Ex: 1. Amid rising tensions, both armies have called for ceasefire.
2. Pakistan has broken cease-fire twice this month.

7. Reiterate (V): To repeat something that you have already said especially to emphasize it.

Syn: Repeat, Restate, Recapitulate, Go over
Ant: Take back

Ex: 1. She reiterated her support to me before everyone.
2. I forgot what she said therefore I asked her to reiterate it once.

8. Exonerate (V): Absolve someone from blame for a fault or wrongdoing.

Syn: Acquit, Discharge, Liberate
Ant: Charge, Accuse, Blame

Ex: 1. The court has exonerated the criminal of all charges.
2. I don’t think he will be exonerated from all charges of corruption.

9. Prevailing (Adj): Existing or most common at a particular time.

Syn: Current, Predominant, Popular
Ant: Peculiar, Uncommon, Unique

Ex: 1. You must take notice prevailing surge in demand.
2. Prevailing circumstances don’t seem good for our organisation.

10. Extraneous (Adj): Not directly connected with the particular situation you are in or subject you are dealing with.

Syn: Irrelevant, Unconnected, Inappropriate
Ant: Relevant, Appropriate, Apropos, Suitable

Ex: 1. Anything which is extraneous to the subject will not be discussed in the meeting.
2. He mentioned some extraneous names which were later deleted from the report.