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English Training

English Language Improvement Programs- Marvel Spoken English Ujjain Courses. Specially designed according to the candidate and his level.

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Personlaity Development

The aim of the training module is aimed at the promotion of the strategies for the personality development of the participants.

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Motivational Training
Through various motivational techniques, we hone the motivational skills of managers, and instill enthusiasm amongst all levels.

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About Marvel

‘Marvel Spoken English Academy’ is a small initiative for enlightening and illuminating people from all walks of life with the English language usages.

Believing earnestly in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, we embrace and welcome anyone who wishes to explore new avenues of thorough accomplishment and development of communication skills.

Our english classes teachings are not only cocooned to class rooms but spread across various online media and social platforms.

Marvel Spoken English Ujjain committed and strive to make our tutees par excellence. With new vigour and verve, we intend to tread the uncharted territory, the educational world has ever seen or experienced.

Marvel Spoken English Academy believe in paradigm of excellence and being a top-notch institute of central India, feels obliged to deliver quality education by offering wide array of courses to our students.

Director Introduction

‘Marvel Spoken English Classes’ takes pride as being the premier and well-recognized institute of English learning of central India.

To begin with, let’s understand what does word ‘Marvel’ signifies? Well, ‘Marvel’ means anything which causes a sense of astonishment or brings about an element of admiration, leaving people wonderstruck.

‘Marvel’ truly lives up to it as it has assumed astronomical proportions as far as English learning in Ujjain is concerned.

Marvel has pioneered the way English language is being taught in and around Ujjain city. Never before did ‘Ujjainites’ experienced such high-quality and world-class education at their disposal.

English being the global language warrants sound and fluent English speakers who can be adjudged at par with native English speakers. Marvel feels proud to have fulfilled and catered to that demand.


Marvel Spoken English Ujjain

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