• “Fondly called NASA-man”
  • Has a great knack of devising low-cast user-friendly inventions.

If one thinks he can, odds are that he will do it. But if one believes he can, for sure he will manifest it. It holds true in case of ‘Mukesh Shinde’. In a world of diverse and multi-faceted personas, he is a priceless combine of a Designer, Innovator, Singer, Researcher and an Engineer. People fondly call him ‘NASA-man’ for his ingenious invention called Moon-Buggy (Moon-Rover) developed couple of years back. In order to explore more about him, Free Press, this week set up an exciting encounter where he dwelt upon many invigorating aspects of his personality.

Sharing his innate disposition towards designing Mukesh said “My inclination towards this field was not forced rather it was spontaneous. I used to stare at objects for minutes and sometimes for hours. I would enjoy its sheer beauty and aesthetics. My mind would work continuously and remain pre-occupied with pictures and imaginations of objects in different positions throughout the day.”

Explaining his philosophy behind his interest Shinde said “Every physical phenomenon starts taking shape in mind. Today, mind has become the virtual workshop of manifestation of physicality or virtuality per se has increased the acceptability levels of designs or physicality of products in mind. Therefore, I believe, in order to have a better sense of designs, we must possess the power of imagination and visualization.”

He further added “In order to manifest my dreams and hundreds of youngsters and engineering graduates alike, I began an institution of architecture and designing at home where we do design experiments and iterations which helps us to build innovative products of values and utilities. We are proud that until now as many as 250 projects have been built under the auspices of our institute.”

Shinde sharing the particulars of his innovations said “We had recently designed an autobot called ‘Clean-‘o’. It was our country’s first ever robot built under the cleanliness mission for maintaining clean and hygienic surroundings and environment. Giving a glimpse of his future product he said “We are currently working on a user friendly ‘Folding-Seat’ which one can carry everywhere. If a person feels exhausted and there is no place to sit, he may just unfold it and take rest while sitting on it.”

Reminiscing the glorified experience he had in NASA, Proud Shinde said “I had the privilege of representing India at NASA twice, once in 2010 and again in 2013. I teamed up with five of my students. We were to design and build ‘Moon-Buggy’, a project which would ascertain the livability prospects of humans on moon besides earth. Our endeavors bore fruits as we met all the criteria successfully such as mechanics, minimum weight, design and material among others.     

Sharing his passion for singing and music he elaborated “ For me, singing is divine. It has always been a tool for me to de-stress myself after long working hours. Given the people’s fast-paced life and hectic schedule, I thought of embracing them in this unique therapeutic way of relaxing and thereby relieving them of stressed life-styles. Thus, we came up with a unique platform called “Singers’ Club”. In our club, we have Doctors, Engineers, Businessman and others professionals. Our strength today stands at 135 members and still growing. We are happy spreading joy and happiness through music and singing as regularly we organize programs not only for providing platform to young and aspiring individuals but also for charity.

Speaking about his new initiatives Shinde said “Our new initiative named ‘Brahmand- India’ is a very unique project under which we probe and validate the concepts of our country’s erstwhile spiritual and Vedic science. Due to our inaction, many foreign countries have literally snatched our scientific and spiritual discoveries. ‘Brahmand-India’ seeks to restore that erstwhile and long-forgotten glory.”

He added “Besides this, taking inspiration from 3-idiots movie, we are also planning to open an institute “Indian institute of idiotic” where people labeled as idiots, across all age group will be showcasing their hidden talents and skills. I hope that it will soon be realized.”  

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