At a time when many engineering graduates prefer to travel abroad to pursue their masters or find jobs to establish themselves, here is an engineering graduate whowanted to make a difference through his research work. He happens to be a farmer’s son and fondly called as scientist by his mates.  Meet-Jitendra Singh Choudhary, who has researched for four and half years to develop a machine that can recycle water. He is currently working as a research scholar at Mahakal Institute of technology (M.I.T), Ujjain.

Hailing from a small village in Ratlam, Jitendra completed his mechanical engineering degree from M.I.T in 2017 and then went on to apply for the post of research scholar at MIT group. It was during his degree that he started working on a project which he later named as ‘Shuddham’. Jitendra did not know that this ingenious idea of recycling and purifying water will soon become a grand success and so did his friends and relatives.

During the course of the interview one of the first questions was to him and it was very straight forward – What made him invent this machine which recycles water? “Once I set off for Rajasthan as a part of my itinerary, I noticed there that people were reeling under severe water crisis. I even realized that hordes of people while taking bath on lake and river banks there, were keeping their bathing water stored in buckets and various vessels. Their approach to save water left me awe-struck. So I thought why not reuse scientifically-cleaned bathing water”. He further explained “ I went through a lot hardships and spent countless sleepless nights before realization of his dream without knowing how useful it would become later on”.

I began reading literatures of various journals of many scientists religiously. I came across many ingenious inventions. Some had even devised machines, which were purely running on electricity. I wanted to build a machine which does not use electricity. So that paying the bill doesn’t become a constraint or burden on anyone.

We wondered as to how Jitendra would have set up a water-recycling-system in motion without the electricity. We asked him if had used any battery to operate the system and pat came the reply. “No,not at all. The entire machine works on the principle of granules and gravitational force. He elaborated further “There are number of granules fixed inside the machine which cleans the water when it falls down from the top using gravitational force. This used water gets purified at various stages. After the dirty particles are washed off, the last stage is to make it odour-free. Water is passed through an activated carbon to turn it into a clean and clear product. It can be used for gardening, washing clothes, in toilets and to clean vehicles.

We asked him if his machine ‘Shuddham’ is being used somewhere “He said I have installed four machines in MIT hostel campus with each machine capable of recycling about 500 liters of water every day. The recycling water is daily used for bathing, gardening and washing expect for drinking and cooking.

Before its commission, machine has been tested in many labs and many modifications have been made to gain the best results. While the machine costs around 7000 Rs/-, It’s maintenance cost includes changing the granules which doesn’t cost more than 540 Rs/-. Every six months or once they reach a target of 50,000 liters; the granules have to be changed. There are four granules each weigh around 40 kgs. “Since the machine has been filed under the Copyright act, we take the complete responsibility to provide the granules to those who install this machine.” Jitendra said proudly.