Despite suffering from ‘Cerebral Palsy’, she becomes reigning champion of swimming world.  

A child’s birth is most pleasurable moment in parents’ life however such a beautiful moment may sometimes turn in to a tragedy. A congenital disease as bad as ‘Cerebral Palsy’ can potentially affect the life-time of a child.  Mansvita Tiwari, an 18-year old teen is suffering from this dreadful ailment which causes seizures and hindrances in limbs movements. Strangely enough, she is a national swimming champion with 14 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Free press had the privilege of speaking to this very promising and budding swimmer in an interview held recently.

How do you deal with such an ailment?

Mansavita:-You know, I am blessed with this disease by birth (Said Sarcastically). Though it does trouble you a lot but I am managing it with a smile on my face. It is a neurological disorder which further causes stiff and weak muscles, poor co-ordination in limbs and problems with sensation, vision, and hearing, swallowing and speaking are common occurrence among others. I believe, we can only overcome such problems with strong will power and steadfastness.

We heard you are a national champion in swimming? Tell us how did you manage this?

Mansavita:– I don’t want anybody to take pity on me. I wanted to make myself a strong and independent woman therefore my mother (Kalpana Tiwari) thought swimming could probably be an answer to my predicaments. But as you know that in our city there is dearth of good swimming coaches or trainers, nonetheless I began training under scarce resources. Here, I must also credit my mother who went to great pains for my treatments and therapy apart from helping me with my swimming lessons. It is all very hard despite knowing that it is an incurable disease. Her encouragement and sheer hard work also did incredible wonders on me as I am able to move my limbs much freely now. I feel truly blessed as I could win these coveted swimming titles which not many able-bodied persons can win.

We heard your mother is a seasoned counselor for ‘Cerebral-Palsi’ affected kids and their parents?

Mansavita: – yes! She takes sessions and advises children and their guardians for better treatments and various medical techniques in her personal capacity.

Mother: – When ‘Mansavita’ took birth doctors suggested to us that we have to carry her in our lap throughout her life. Those words were very intimidating but I did not give up. Rather I gathered ample knowledge and learnt more about the ill-effects and conventional and alternative therapies to draw her out from the jaws of this disease from. I not only wanted to bring my child back on her feet but also tens and hundreds of others. I thought I could disseminate and spread awareness by my counseling session to do my bit and I am glad to share with you that a lot of people are getting benefitted by this.

We also hear that in the midst of all this, you are still continuing your study? Any hardships you faced during examinations?   

Mansavita: – I believe, education is must for all and I want myself to be educated in order to serve them better in whatever manner possible.

Mother: – To be honest, she had her share of problems while writing the exams. It was tough for her as her knuckles and fingers often experience seizures so she was certainly not as efficient as others. But that did not deter her and she came out with flying colours in 12th board exams with 58 %. Given the situation she is in, I believe she has topped the merit list.